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“Hot looks from NYFW AW 2016-2017”


Swept off our feet by all the glitz and glam of NYFW AW 2016-2017, and now excitedly taking in SS2017’s even fresher next season looks, we always go for the best and boldest makeup ideas out there. Here’s our review of those hot makeup trends we just can’t (and won’t) let go of!

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    Your newest bestie is glitter, glitter, glitter! It must be used generously - as eyeshadow, on your cheekbones, even shimmered all over your eyebrows. 

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    While we’re at it, thumbs up for all the fun disco shades: hot pink, magenta, coral, turquoise, aqua, light green, silver, gold... mix and match them for an even more eye-popping look. 

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    Draw a cute shape with your colourful eyeliner, or add some face jewels and body art stickers to the mix. You can’t go wrong! 

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    The return of the fab 80’s fashion will sure make your imagination go wild!

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    Red lipstick: step aside! For a truly arresting look, use a shade of dark plum, midnight blue, blackberry, deep wine or black. Matte or extra-glossy only, please!

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    Apply one more coat (or two) of mascara, and put that black eyeliner to good use! Bold and distinct lines are spot-on, now how about you get artsy and wing them out?

    For added mystery to your all-time-favourite smoky eye, make it extra dark.

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    Guess what? Your entire makeup palette can be put to great use - “all-natural” makeup is here to stay. Celebrate your true beauty with the fuss-free, yet charming and totally work-friendly “nude” look!

    Apply only soft, warm and muted shades, such as beige, pale pink, peach and light brown, leave your gloss out and go easy on the mascara! No fake lashes – that goes without saying. 

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    With any of those looks, turning heads is guaranteed! 

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